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Welcome! This site is dedicated to the people who lived and grew up in the the oil camps of Venezuela.

My name is Randy Trahan.  I was born in Houston Texas in 1945.  My father, Ernie Trahan, worked for Creole Petroleum in Venezuela.  We lived in Lagunillas (49 - 57), La Salina (57 - 58) and  Amuay (58 - 64).  A few years ago I built an Amuay website focusing on the place where I spent my teenage years.  Through my Amuay site I have come into contact with people who lived in many different oil camps, so I decided to build a site organized by camp, and this is it.

      The Camps      
Amuay Anaco Barinas Caracas Caripito Guico Jusepin
La Salina Lagunillas Maracaibo Mata Oficina Pedernales Puerto La Cruz
Puerto Ordaz Quiriquire San Joaquin San Tome Santa Barbara Tia Juana  

The contents of this site have been donated by many people who lived in the oil camps of Venezuela.  If some camps are better represented here than others, it is because more people from those camps have contacted me and sent me materials to post.  If you have materials you would like to contribute, click here to find out how to contact me.

This page was first posted on 02/22/01. To see the most recent additions see my What's New page.