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This Bio page was recovered from internet archives (like everything else under Ondas del Lago) Bear in mind that it has not been updated since at least January 6, 2010 when it was last archived.


My wife Maureen was born in New York, and brought up in Caracas, Venezuela, where her Danish mother & Scottish father were transferred, after a previous lengthy assignment in China (including a stint for her father in a Japanese concentration camp during WWII), when she was 3 months old. During their years in China, one of Maureen's great-aunts, Doreen Reynolds, was a member of the American Volunteer Group (AVG), better known as the “Flying Tigers”, serving as General Claire Chennault's personal secretary while he was commander of the 14th Air Force. Mrs. Reynolds was also the godmother to one of Mrs. Chennault's (“Dragon Lady”) children. Maureen attended, and graduated from, Academia La Castellana while she lived in Caracas.

I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, brought up in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania (8 yrs.); Guatemala City, Guatemala (3-1/2 yrs.); Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1-1/2 yrs.); Maracaibo, Venezuela (5-1/2 yrs.); and Buenos Aires, Argentina (6 mos.). I grew up in various countries because my father was employed with Sun Oil Company, and we moved around quite a bit. After Maracaibo, my parents were further transferred to Buenos Aires, Argentina; Bogotá, Colombia; Caracas, Venezuela; Lisbon, Portugal; & finally back to Caracas again before he retired. At the time of his retirement, my father had earned the company record for the highest number of total accumulated years spent overseas. That record still stands today.

Maureen & I met in Washington, D.C. while attending college (THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY), where we lived for 6 years, and where I obtained a BA & Maureen a BA & MA. We then moved to Phoenix, Arizona for 3½ years while I went to grad school (THUNDERBIRD SCHOOL OF GLOBAL MANAGEMENT) in Glendale for an MBA. We then moved to Houston, Texas, where we lived for 11 years. I worked in the oil patch and Maureen worked at Neiman Marcus. We're currently living in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where we've resided for the past 19 years.

Previously the International Sales Manager for the Spicer Off-Highway Axle Division of DANA CORPORATION for 7½ years, we're now both employed by a large, privately owned FORTUNE 200 automotive group corporation. Maureen's the Executive Assistant to the Owner/President, and I'm the Director of Information Technology.

(Shanghai, China, May 2006, with Maureen's parents.)

Chuck (“Charlie” in those days) Clausen


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