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The following photographs of EBV & Venezuela in the 1970's were generously contributed by Candy Thibodeaux LaFleur for all of us to share. This is an important period of time for many alumni and ex-pats, particularly as no other photographic record as extensive as this exists on this site for this time period. Yet it was a dynamic period in the history of the school and of Maracaibo in general, approaching the culmination of so many previous years of history.

I sincerely appreciate the fact that Candy took it upon herself to “step up to the plate” and volunteer these priceless memories, adding to the history found on this website. It's her sincere hope that some of the people in these photos might recognize themselves, and that it will bring back to them many fond memories of those wonderful years in Maracaibo.

  Photo taken sometime between 1973 & 1975. Most likely game against Las Morochas. Candy LaFleur's brother Scott was part of the EBV team, so some of the players were from the Class of '78. The uniforms were Varsity High School uniforms. “These were taken around 1974-ish (give or take a year). For the life of me I can't tell you who any of these kids are. It sure makes me feel old trying to recall names and faces I thought I'd never forget. In the second photo ( Jr. Varsity ) the boy wearing number 17 might be Neil Bishop and the boy standing behind him might be Jimmy Beasley.” “EBV Jr. Varsity Basketball, 1970's. The Lady circled in red is the late Joyce Thibodeaux who was so well known for her loud cheering that you knew better than to sit too close if you cherished your eardrums!”  
  “All I can tell you about this photo is that it was taken somewhere between 1973 and 1976.
I remember climbing into one of those mango trees with Jodi Weathersby when we were still in elementary school to eat green mangos. One of the janitors saw us up there and told us he wouldn't tattle because the stomach ache we'd get would be a good enough punishment. How right he was.”
“The this is the 2nd and 3rd grade Brownie Troop 3 (I was absent that day) and was taken during the 72-73 school year. The girl in blue was Sandra Stout (most likely). I'm not sure who the next girl is. 3rd from the left is Kay Tomlinson, then Patricia Taylor, Jodi Weathersby, and Dani Moore. The back row from the left : I think the first girl is Elizabeth Wilkie, second girl-I don't know, 3rd girl was Stacey something, 4th girl was our Leader's daughter, but I can't recall her name. The 5th girl is Josephina Machado, 6th Diedre Sagaser, and I don't recall the last two girls' names.” “Remember the alcabalas? Photo taken during trip to Angel Falls around 1974 - 1975. "For the first few years we were at EBV, Angel's bus was a light blue color which made it stand out a bit against conventional buses and he was known for swerving when he'd spot a pretty girl on the sidewalk. He painted it yellow in '75 or '76. I spent a lot of time staring out of that back window beyond the eagle sticker. Àngel was also running the cafeteria at school and by the time we left Venezuela one could buy such treats as hotdogs and little pizzas for lunch. I do remember he'd keep the cafeteria open for a few minutes after school let out so we could purchase cold drinks and snacks before boarding the buses. My particular favorite was an ice cold Sprite.”  
  “Scott Thibedeaux in the back seat of Angel's bus, 1970-something.” “Behind this student is where the tennis courts would be built at EBV the year after this photo was taken.” ”This student is standing in front of the kickball & four-square area the year before the tennis courts were built.”  
  “Taken around 1976. "Jesse and Lorena Trevathan. This a good shot of the open airways above the rooms. If I remember right, they turned the cubbies into glass showcases not long after this photo was taken.” “This was taken from the bus window after school. The boy in the center at the bottom is Roger Leger and the boy walking off of the left edge is probably James Miguez.” “Taken from a seat in the auditorium. I think this was the class of '82 when they were in the 2nd or 3rd grade and maybe there was another class tossed in there for volume. The girl in the front row- first from the right- is probably Josephina Machado.”  
  “ is of Scott's Boy Scout Troop and was taken in the early to mid 70s at a banquet at Mi Vaquita (I think). The only people I can name in this photo are Scott Thibodeaux ( first row -3rd from the left who looks like he still had a bite of steak in his mouth), Todd Alexander (on Scott's right) ... and I think the boy all the way to the right on the first row was a Blackwell. The Scout Master in the photo, I want to say he was...Bergman? (He's the same man that's coaching in the basketball photos).” “Boating: 1970 or 71 - My parents chartered a boat to go fishing on the Lake. I almost caught a large catfish that day, but I was too weak to hold it and when the fish got some slack in the line it snapped it and took off. Check out my stylish Paseo shoes! Ja ja! I'd forgotten about that awful brand of shoe until I saw this picture again.” “Calle 76 : 1976 - Me and the family dog, Mignon, in the front yard of our house. This was the last house we lived in before moving into an apartment building not far from Cinco de Julio. Looking at this photograph brings back memories long forgotten, like the barbed wire, locked gates, and the broken glass imbedded into the top of the cinder block fence... nothing a thick towel couldn't cure when we wanted to play Ding-Dong Ditch on the neighbor.”  
  “Salt Flats: My brother Scott, mid 1970s. This was taken on the way to Caimare Chico Beach or Los Cañadones (sp). It was a large natural salt deposit. The little pyramids you see were built by the locals who'd harvest the tops after they were considered clean.” “Caimare Chico : taken sometime in the mid ' 70s showing some of the huts you could rent to keep the merciless sun off of you while you enjoyed the beach. They had other huts that were just a few Bs. more which had little enclosed rooms at the back for added privacy. My family spent nearly every other weekend here. I wish I could remember what those little mussels that I spent so much time digging for were called. I want to say Chichis or something like it.” “La Moga : This is a shot of the bar at La Moga outdoor restaurant near Puerto Cabello. We never missed an opportunity to get a bellyful of their delicious fresh fried fish on our way home from the beach.”  
  “Mud Shop: typical mud hut. Taken in the '70s sometime on a trip to Angel Falls. It took us forever to get there because my Mom, Joyce, just had to stop at every one of these shops along the way. We ended up spending the night at Hotel Las Truchas and going on to the Falls in the morning.” “Giant Tree: taken in the '70s. I'm not sure where we were headed when we came across these things, but I do remember them being the tallest trees I'd ever seen. If anyone knows what kind of tree this is I'd love to hear from them.” “1982, USA- Jodi Weathersby and I (before Father Time became an abusive parent, ja ja!) getting together after we were both stateside to reminisce about the good times and the awesome experience that being a Maracucho had been.”  



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