Alfredo Pérez

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The photos in this section come to us courtesy of Alfredo Pérez, a 2003 Senior at Escuela Bella Vista. He has attended EBV since the 1st grade in 1992, and plans to attend Florida State University after graduation.

Alfredo is a sports enthusiast and was this year's Volleyball Team Captain for a team that, “after three long years”, placed 1st in the VANAS tournament at Colégio Internacional de Puerto La Cruz. They also won three games against Colombian teams. He also belongs to the Softball Team, which beat Colégio Internacional de Carabobo in Valéncia 3 games to zip. Go EBV! He is also a member of a regional Rugby team which finished in 1st Place in western Venezuela last year.

His father, Ricardo Pérez, graduated from EBV in 1968, and currently serves on the Board of Directors.

I originally became acquainted with Alfredo through an entry he made in my Guestbook. He very graciously offered to send some photos of the changes that have recently taken place at the school, then made the effort to come through with his offer. The results of his hard work are visible below. And what a story they tell of all the recent improvements to the school! He also provided a good description of the changes so that each picture could be adequately described. These photos were taken this summer, 2003.

All of us are sincerely appreciative of his efforts for allowing to see how much things have changed since my last visit to the school in 1995.

  This is how the front building of EBV looks today, in 2003. It has a new paint scheme, and the plants in the planters have grown even larger. This photo of a new guard building at the entrance at first really surprised me. But in retrospect, it makes all the sense in the world considering the security issues facing Venezuela today. The front driveway and parking area has undergone a major change in size and landscaping. It appears to be considerably wider now, the fencing seems to be brand new, and a concrete wall appears to have been added to the end of the driveway. The rear staircase has really changed in appearance with the new paint scheme - even the concrete stairs have been painted. It's also amazing how large the trees have grown, blocking out the view from the upper walkway.  
  This shows a view from the upper walkway between the front and back classroom buildings. It appears that a whole new wing has been built that spans these two buildings. Same view as the previous photo, with the camera panned slightly to the right. I'm not sure of the exact location of this shot, but I believe it's back by the two gyms. It appears that the two tennis courts are being re-worked or resurfaced. A small field has been added to the large field at the back of the school. This small field has a rear exit attached to it.  
  The gym dressing rooms have been impressively modernized and expanded in the summer of 2003. They include new lockers.... .....and brand new shower facilities..... well as sinks and updated stalls for the toilets. The gyms also now include an exercise room complete with modern exercise equipment. What great improvements!  


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