Phi Sig Gathering at Butch Blair's Place 6/5/10

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See more pictures below. Photos Courtesy Wayne "Flint" McCullough & Dale Lowe

Phi Sig Gathering 6/5/10 at Butch Blair's place outside La Grange, TX
Top Row: Pete Benavides, Dale Lowe, Al Leal, Charles Osborne, John Greene
Bottom Row: Wayne McCullough, Rick Hall, Pete Maroney, Butch Blair, Buzzy Blair

I have identified the cast of characters only once in this first picture (to make my job simpler). With this key, you should be able to identify people in the rest of the photos. Wayne "Flint" McCullough contributed most of these pictures. Dale Lowe added the 6 (wider format) pictures at the bottom of this page.