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The pictures posted here have been taken more recently. I would like to encourage you to send me a recent photo to share with your Phi Sig brothers.

Randy Trahan & wife Nancy, November 2008 Mike (Butch) Blair &
wife Ginger
Dorothy & Averill Huffman Louis & Patricia Young
June 2010
Phi Sig Get-Together
July 2008
Bill O'Fiel & Al Leal
July 2008
Gene Garner
July 2008
Jack Hambrick
July 2008
Marlin Marsh
July 2008
McCullough, Clausen & Brinkman July 2008
Pete Benavides & Doug Smith July 2008 Homecoming 2009 Bill Peagues
February 2010
Dale Lowe Family
Christmas 2009
Ken Sloan & daughter LeeAnn Sloan M.D.
Martin Henderson & his wife, Nancy Jim & Brenda Mayo Mike Andre 2012 Mike (Butch) Blair, Pete Benavides & Dale Lowe John Hamilton
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Judge Alfred Leal & Daughter Louis Young Mike (Butch) Blair & Pete Maroney Walter Peine, Charles Osborne & Richard Hall 2019