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These pages from the 1970 Houstonian were contributed by Bill Pegues. I really like the design of these pages. I love the 28-exposure roll of film that is included. Click on any picture to enlarge.

The whole two-page spread Pam Sebesta
Keg Party Keg Party Sylvia Carpe &
Marlin Marsh
Averill Huffman Gelena Collins &
Jimmy Walker
Rebecca Rowland &
Gene Garner
Rick Newcomb &
Janie McGuffey
Bob Brandt & ?
Randy Burns Donna Rogge &
Darryl Shields
Brenda Engdahl &
Ron Mansur
Margaret Jackson &
Chris Kline
Puriatn Weaver &
Mary Quaker
Dick Butler &
Karen Roberson
Ken Sloan &
Mike Welch
Debbie Berry &
Larry Quast
David Laich Diane Goynes &
Lyndon Dodds
Gill Goodman &
Pam Sebesta
Judy Silkwood &
Ken Gallender
Karen Pittman &
Johnny Goad
Susie Seghers &
Mike Alexander
Joan Jefferies &
John Barker
Diana Morgan &
Denis Bergeron
Karen Pittman &
Jim Mayo
Rick Jones, Susie
Seghers & Harry Hallows
Bill Bergeron Ron Krewson &
Doylton Davis
Bill Loftus Bill Meyer &
Sharla Thomas