1992 - New Orleans

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In 1992 I went to the Amuay Hijos/Hijas reunion in New Orleans.  Gail Cambre Greenwald booked us into a hotel in the French Quarter.  We all had a great time.  I couldn't believe how great it was to see so many old friends from Amuay.  The pictures that follow are from that trip.  I won't be able to name all the people in these pictures, so I'll use "Name?" for the people I don't know.  Okay, I shouldn't have waited seven years to begin writing down peoples names. If you recognize someone I don't know, please email me (randytrahan@att.net) and I will fix the caption.

NO_26_GR_small.jpg (8108 bytes) NO_29_GR_small.jpg (10679 bytes) NO_38_small.jpg (9312 bytes)
I give Bobbie Weidler a hug.  (Picture courtesy Gail Russell) Virginia Albright, Al Herndon, Karen Aertker, Randy Trahan , Rollin Johnson & Gail Russell (Picture courtesy Gail Russell) Al Herndon, Karen Aertker, Joel Grey, Virginia Albright, Tommy Shannon, Gail Russell, Rollin Johnson
NO_34_small.jpg (7888 bytes) NO_36_small.jpg (7593 bytes) NO_28_GR_small.jpg (7170 bytes)
Al Herndon, Tommy Shannon, Rollin Johnson,  Karen Aertker, Virginia Albright Joel Grey, Virginia Albright,  Gail Russell The group having a drink high above the river.   (Picture courtesy Gail Russell)
NO_01_smal.jpg (6764 bytes) NO_02_smal.jpg (5737 bytes) NO_03_smal.jpg (4564 bytes)
Rollin Johnson, Joel Grey & Marshall (Punkin) Gray Al Herndon & Diane Wynne Rollin Johnson & Randy Trahan
NO_05_smal.jpg (5479 bytes) NO_07_smal.jpg (5236 bytes) NO_06_smal.jpg (6669 bytes)
Rosemary Sciaudone & her lovely daughter Joel Grey & Bonnie Morgan Ronnie Sellers, Karen Aertker, Bobbie Weidler, Al Herndon & Bruce Ross
NO_11_smal.jpg (5104 bytes) NO_10_smal.jpg (5431 bytes) NO_12_smal.jpg (4375 bytes)
Gail Cambre & Randy Trahan Randy Trahan, Lynn Weidler & Bruce Ross Rollin Johnson, Lynn & Bobbie Weidler, Bruce Ross & Joel Grey
NO_13_small.jpg (6877 bytes) NO_14_small.jpg (6932 bytes) NO_15_small.jpg (5446 bytes)
A whole bunch of people (These people are identified on the page containing this photo.) A whole bunch of people again Lynn Weidler, Sandy Hall, Gail Russell, Bruce Ross, Bobby Hall, Gail Cambre, Roger Evans & partial of Ronnie Sellers
NO_16_small.jpg (5975 bytes) NO_30_GR_small.jpg (6355 bytes) NO_17_small.jpg (4403 bytes)
Back Row: Bruce Ross, Bobby Hall, Gail Cambre, Roger Evans, Ronnie Sellers
Front Row: Randy Trahan, Rollin Johnson & Gail Russell
Same group without Gail Russell  (Picture courtesy Gail Russell)


Virginia Albright, Marshall (Punkin) Gray & Karen Aertker


NO_31_GR_small.jpg (7592 bytes) NO_19_small.jpg (8208 bytes) NO_24_GR_small.jpg (5583 bytes)
Rollin Johnson, Randy Trahan, Joel Grey, Sandy Hall, Phyllis Sellers, Not enough to tell.   (Picture courtesy Gail Russell) A shot of the big dinner.  The food was fabulous! Bruce Ross, Randy Trahan and Bruce's wife, Janet.  (Picture courtesy Gail Russell)
NO_25_GR_small.jpg (6786 bytes) NO_20_small.jpg (5957 bytes) NO_22_small.jpg (7671 bytes)
Bruce & I look pensive (Picture courtesy Gail Russell) Randy Trahan, Janet Nixon & Rollin Johnson Randy Trahan, Gail Cambre, Janet Nixon, Gail Russell & Al Herndon having Hurricanes at Pat O'Brian's


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