La Salina Gallery 4

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Don Sooby sent me these great pictures in May of 2005. They include many old photos taken in and around La Salina. Many thanks Don! (Click in any picture to enlarge.)

Image01 - Clayton Sooby donating toys he made to orphans in Cabimas

Image02 - The first merry-go-round and teeter-totter in Dabajuro (made by Clayton Sooby)
Image03 - Sooby's Jeep. Graham Campbell in the passenger seat next to Clayton Sooby. Don Sooby is one of the 2 kids with the sailor hats on.  Picture taken in 1953
Image04 - Toys for the poor and us. Hollywood, La Salina
Image05 - 4th of July Picnic in Campo Hollywood
Image06 - Mrs. Ritter's nursery school I think
Image07 - The Ritter girls Melanie, Valerie, Jennifer and baby Lorraine
Image08 - Christmas play in La Salina school   l-r Alva Muglia, Don Sooby,  (?),  Ronnie Seeley, Neal Wingate (deceased), (?), Sudie Campbell, Lynette Schang,  (?),  Pamela Dowdy 
Image09 - Another view of the Christmas play   l-r Ramona Trish, Rodney Caldwell, Libby Seeley, Irene Sharkey, Sally Brown, Carolyn Cronk, Jay Trish, Sally Rudes, Phil Rushing, Alva Muglia, Sara Crittenden, Don Sooby, Lynette Schang, Ronnie Seeley, (?), Neal Wingate (deceased), Sudie Campbell
Image10 - Slim Linger, Clayton Sooby, and Shorty Marrou fourth man not known, holding up deer they killed in the interior of Venezuela circa 1946
Image11 - Sudie Campbell and me (Don Sooby).  The only girl I ever walked down the aisle with and didn't marry
Image12 - Hunting is still good
Image13 - The old swimming pool at La Salina
Image14 - The old La Salina Club
Image15 - The movie screen at the old club.  How many great movies did we watch on this?
Image16 - Another view of La Salina's famous 4th of July festivities
Image17 - Slipper slide in Campo Hollywood on the 4th of July 1950.  Jorge Almarza, Billy ?, Don Sooby
Image18 - Creole Office Building La Salina
Image19 - Creole Commissary at La Salina
Image20 - Creole Launches

Image21 - New Bike I got for Christmas... Stolen two days later

Image22 - La Salina Club membership card
Image23 - Kiki and me (Don Sooby), all dressed up for one of Libby Seeley's Halloween parties
Image24 - A sailor and his girl - Don Sooby and Sharon Eckoff
Image25 - The age of contentment
Image26 - Christmas Horse - Mark Rushing urges his steed onward during one of La Salina's Christmas plays.  I think one of the others is Stanley Cole.

Image27 - Wide shot of La Salina school's auditorium  1958

Image28 - Quonsets
Image29 - Launch "Ayacucho"
Image30 - Oil Drilling rig El Sombrero (Clayton Sooby in khaki pants)

Image31 - More La Salina launches

Image32 - On the road to Palmarejo
Image33 - Clayton Sooby and the jewfish he caught
Image34 - The Gang (L-R Sam Boaz, Donna Fears, David Carlson and Don Sooby)

Image35 - The piledriver

Image36 - Little Venice... where Venezuela got its name
Image37 - Near La Guira
Image38 - looking north at the old La Salina swimming pool

Image39 - My wife Carol and me (Don Sooby) on Tangie, our scooter (a somewhat more recent picture).



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