La Salina Gallery 3

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I heard from my old friend Jim McCormick a while back.  Jim and I were friends in both Lagunillas and La Salina.  I talked Jim into sending me some photos, and what he sent was a little more complex than what others have sent in that he included both old pictures and new.  He also provided some interesting narration.  Therefore, I gave altered my usual photo gallery format to accommodate this material.

Those of you who remember the McCormicks may recall that they were a family of 5, Parents Jim Sr. & Millie and sons Jim Jr., Tom & Pat.  

Below are Jim McCormick's pictures and narrative.  Click on any picture to enlarge.


JM001 through JM004 - These were shot at Pat’s July 6th 1996 (Venezuela’s. Independence day). First time we’d all been together since Dad died in 1986.

 JM001 - Pat, Jim, Tom in Front Lori (Pat’s Wife), Robyn (Jim’s wife) Mom, Doris (Tom’s wife)

jm001.jpg (38059 bytes)
JM002 - Jim and Tom rediscovering the intricate steps to the “Joropo” jm002.jpg (55764 bytes)
JM003 - The infamous “Wampumpussy” being ridden by “Bajo Cadenas” - This sat on our front porch in La Salina for years.  It was a banana root shot by Hal Sleigtholm on one of many unsuccessful hunting trips.  They drove home with it tied to the bumper of the jeep.  Tommy carved “Bajo” later. Dad gave it to Pat and Lori as a wedding present And there it sits on Pat’s front porch 40 years later. jm003.jpg (72495 bytes)
JM004 - Pat, Tom & Jim jm004.jpg (25364 bytes)
JM005 - This is a shot of the Club in Lagunillas - probably taken mid- 50's

Note from Randy:  Sorry Jim, this is not the Lagunillas club.  I think it is an office building.

jm005.jpg (64680 bytes)
JM006 - Spencer McGrew and family Georgetown graduation 1968.  Spencer was from Aruba and Tia Juana.  He and I roomed together at Georgetown. jm006.jpg (64938 bytes)
JM007 - Tom, Pat, and Kal in front of the house in 58. We lived across the street from the school in Las Cúpulas, and Kal used to get loose and wander into the class rooms looking for us.  This did amuse the teachers. jm007.jpg (50101 bytes)
JM008 - Dave Pugh and Karen Davis with Mom at their wedding in the early 70's.  Dave and Karen were both born in Maracaibo a couple months apart.  Grew up in La Salina and Lagunillas.  Went their separate ways.  Came back together.  Got married. Joined the Foreign Service and lived all over the world.  jm008.jpg (31009 bytes)
JM009 - Jim and Tom at graduation Castle Heights MA in Tennessee 1964. jm009.jpg (50475 bytes)
JM010 - Pat and three of his buddies who lived next door, Edwardo, Orlando, and Etalo Potivan in about 1954. jm010.jpg (50020 bytes)
JM011 - Don’t know how useable this one is.  It’s a shot that Dad took in about 46/47 while on a field exploration trip to the far side of Lake Maracaibo along the Venezuelan/Columbian border.  If you look closely you can see the Motiloni arrow sticking out of the guys right side. Sometimes Dad said the guy lived.  Sometimes he’d say the guy died.  Depended on whether we asked him before or after cocktails. jm011.jpg (25802 bytes)
JM012 - Shot of one of KLM’s DC4's that we all used to fly back and forth on. jm012.jpg (46938 bytes)
JM013 - Bunch of kids on the fence in front of the school - probably 56 or 57 - That’s Johnny McDonald, Jim, Tom, Pat and Lule Blont just climbing up. jm013.jpg (51661 bytes)
JM014 - This is a shot of the famous “Frank’s Bar” in Maracaibo.  Big expat hangout for the grown ups.  Frank Garcia is in the foreground.  He’d fought in the Spanish Civil War on the loosing side. He also owned “Mi Vaquita”.  Another popular hangout.  That’s John Van Curran in the background under the Johnnie Walker sign.  Not sure who the others are. jm014.jpg (58108 bytes)
JM015 - Ms. Senesac’s 8th grade class in La Salina.  I believe this was shot at Carolyn Vail’s house.  In order front to back Darla Gillespie, Sara Puett, Andrea Roff, John McDonald, Jim McCormick, George Bradt, Carolyn Vail, Ms. Lucette Senesac, Patti Shallcross, Jeannie Stoeffler, and Nicky Nicol. jm015.jpg (91287 bytes)
JM016 - Local house with “Judas” out front.  It was a Venezuelan custom to “hang” Judas out front around Easter jm016.jpg (41190 bytes)
JM017 - Jim and Dog – Boring.  Loose this one. Rich wasn’t supposed to scan.

 Note: Sorry Jim, I liked it and included it anyway.

jm017.jpg (60532 bytes)
JM018 - Venezuelan boy Scout’s award ceremony - probably 55 or 56. Don’t know how clear this is but I think I recognize Mr. Dawson the scoutmaster handing out awards.  John McDonald getting award, George Bradt adjusting his hat, Bret Grayson next to him, and Billy McDonald next to him.

Note: And by the way, Jim, isn't that your dad in the center behind John McDonald?

jm018.jpg (69415 bytes)
JM019 - Swim races at the old La Salina Club in 55.  Jim on the bottom not sure who the older kids are. jm019.jpg (36623 bytes)
JM020 - Jim, Tom, Pat and Dad out on the Pipelines - typical Sunday drive. jm020.jpg (31018 bytes)
JM021 - Tia Juana pumping station out on the Lake.  One we used to fish near. jm021.jpg (34900 bytes)
JM022 - Shot of Mom, Jim and Tom on one of the Grace Lines from New York.  Probably 52 or 53 since Pat isn’t around yet. jm022.jpg (55745 bytes)
JM023 - Dad’s Despedida (retirement party) in 1965.  I believe that’s Mr. Bancroft along with Dad, Mom and Duane and Libby Davis.  Mom and Libby met while on the train from New York to Miami to catch a plane to Venezuela in 1944.  Became friends for life. jm023.jpg (47990 bytes)
JM024 - A shot of some Guaira Indians at the docks in Cabimas - probably early 50's jm024.jpg (49668 bytes)
JM025 - Jim Tom Pat in 1958 jm025.jpg (39687 bytes)
JM026.  Me and Carolyn Vail at Castle Heights graduation in 1964 - note the car keys hanging from the cumber bun.  Carolyn’s father had retired to Colorado by then but she came to Tennessee for the graduation.  (Yes my parents where there also.) jm026.jpg (28892 bytes)
JM027 - One of the Creole work launches. On the weekends the men would organize fishing trips with the kids for Robalo and Corbina.  I always ended up with Perch and Bagre. jm027.jpg (32885 bytes)
JM028 - Shot of one of the old pile drivers. jm028.jpg (36392 bytes)
JM029 - This is really blurry but it’s a shot from the Maracaibo Herald April 13 1956 on a cub scout trip to the Maracaibo zoo - Listed were Michelle Maney, Michael Parker, Jimmy McCormick, Dale Marou, Donald Menger, George Bradt, Barry Maney, John Wilkinson, Larry Carlson, and Steve Lyle.  That’s Mrs. Maney and Mrs. Parker. jm029.jpg (48314 bytes)



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