I thought it would be fun to remember the money we used to use in Venezuela, so I included these scans of old Venezuelan money. I can remember as a kid in the mid 1950's, a fuerte was a whole lot of money to me.  I think a hamburger at the club was two Bolivars when I was a kid.  I sold bags of popcorn at the movies in Lagunillas for a real (50 centimos).  When I left Venezuela in 1964, you could still buy a bottle of Cerveza Polar at the club for 2 Bolivars.  In February of 2003 a Polar cost bs. 1000.  That's right, a THOUSAND Bolivars! In the early 50's the exchange rate was 3 Bolivars for one US Dollar. By the early 60's there was a disparity between the official (3 to 1) exchange rate and the black market rate (closer to 5 to 1) Click here to see the current US Dollar to Venezuelan Bolivar currency exchange rate.
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Venezuelan coins that
circulated during the
 40's, 50's & 60's
compared to US Coins
Some more modern
 Venezuelan Coins
Fuerte (5 Bolivars) Two Bolivars
1 Bolivar Real (50 centimos) Medio (25 centimos) Locha (12 1/2 centimos)
1944 brass Locha Amarillo Puya (5 centimos) 1944 brass Puya Amarillo Old Puya
10 Bolivar Note 20 Bolivar Note 50 Bolivar Note 100 Bolivar Note
500 Bolivar Note