1962 & 1963 Orquidea

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 few months ago, an e-mail showed up in my inbox from Cheryl Traas.  She introduced herself as the daughter of Mark Traas and thanked me for showing her pictures of the Amuay she had heard about from her father.  It was the first time that I became aware that all this Amuay stuff might mean something to people other than those of us who were actually there.  Others since have reinforced this concept.

Cheryl has stayed in touch, and she placed me in contact with Mark.  The Traas family is now living in the Netherlands.  Mark had a good copy of the 1962 - 1963 Orquidea and sent it to me so I could share it with all of you.  Many thanks to Mark & Cheryl for making the Orquidea now available on this site!

Mark went to Amuay in December of 1999 and visited Simon Bolivar school with Ramon Perez and Eduardo Gonzalez.  In the picture at the right, they are sitting on the flower box where I took pictures of my friends  (maybe some of you reading this) 40 years ago.  If you enjoy the images below, the next time you enjoy a glass of wine, drink a toast to Mark & Cheryl.


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Front Cover Inside Cover Principal 1962 Graduates 1962 Graduates
(Photo Mix-up, Patricia Livingston's photo is labeled Mary Ann Rivet)
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Activities Graduation 1963 Graduates 1963 Graduates 1963 Graduates
(Photo Mix-up, Mary Ann Rivet's photo is labeled Patricia Livingston)
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1963 Graduates Activities Eighth Grade Last Will & Testament Prophecy
p15.jpg (72160 bytes) p16.jpg (63045 bytes) p17.jpg (67059 bytes) p18.jpg (67846 bytes) p19.jpg (66340 bytes)
Prophecy I think this is my sister, Toni Trahan. Baby pictures of graduates. Kindergarten Kindergarten
p20.jpg (93546 bytes) p21.jpg (78288 bytes) p22.jpg (90835 bytes) p23.jpg (94833 bytes) p24.jpg (76536 bytes)
First Grade First Grade Second Grade Third Grade Forth Grade
p25.jpg (74445 bytes) p26.jpg (86599 bytes) p27.jpg (76232 bytes) p28.jpg (72713 bytes) p29.jpg (72289 bytes)
Fifth Grade Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Christmas Program Field Day
p30.jpg (63849 bytes) p31.jpg (71060 bytes) p32.jpg (74172 bytes) p33.jpg (69863 bytes) p34.jpg (55506 bytes)
Teacher, Coach & Secretary Activities Carnival Student Council Drama Club
p35.jpg (82106 bytes) p36.jpg (50598 bytes)      
Folk Dance Festival Autographs (My brother, Keith Trahan, signed first)      



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