AT&T Is Blocking E-Mail From Non-AT&T Internet Users
This Page First Posted 12/30/06



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My name is Randy Trahan. I am an AT&T customer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Suddenly in December 2006 my mother in Austin, TX could no longer e-mail me. She uses Road Runner, which I soon discovered was blocked by AT&T. At the same time my wife, who uses uses NetIdentity, was also blocked. My brother who works for Fluor-Daniels in the Middle East couldn't e-mail me. Fluor-Daniels was blocked.

I went to the AT&T e-mail help forum, and it was flooded with complaints. People can't hear from their family, friends, doctors, clients, customers, vendors, government agencies, etc. AT&T will not even forward our mail to a new (non-AT&T) address. They just kill it. Customers (like myself) who have had AT&T e-mail addresses for years are SCREAMING, but AT&T couldn't care less.

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I added a guest book on 1/3/07. Please sign it and tell the world about your experiences with AT&T by clicking here.

AT&T lets their users send spam to users of other ISPs. They then block the innocent recipients of this spam when these messages are bounced back. UNBELIEVABLE you say!?!?!? Read this e-mail exchange between the postmaster at and Eric Dynamic, Systems Admin. for by clicking here.

If you have friends with AT&T e-mail addresses (and you have not yet been blocked) please send them a link to this page. If you have a website, please add a link to this page. (The more links the more visible this problem will be on the Internet.) When I get new information on the AT&T e-mail blocking problem I will post it here. If you have any suggestions about how to improve this page e-mail me at this address: