Message from Dale Lowe 5/15/12

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We had a GREAT U.H. Phi Sig REUNION on 4/28/12 in Houston. Over 80 people showed up in Houston for the get together. Several were there from the 1956 to 1960 classes……who were some of the first to start the Eta Tetarton chapter some 55 years ago. We really had good attendance all the way up to the grads in the 1990 decade. Brothers attending were:
Hank Allers
Linton Arbaugh
Bill Baker
Bill Bergeron
Denis Bergeron
Randy Burris
Rich Descant
Marc Dodge
Gilbert Elizondo
Darell Etlinger
Gene Garner
Colin Hageney
Mark Hakemack
Richard Hall
Jack Hambrick
Charles Idol
Neal Jarratt
Chris Kline
Bill Loftus
Dale Lowe
Trace Lutz
Pete Maroney
Marlin Marsh
Wayne McCullough
Chip Meisegeier
Steve Meisgeier
Henry Milam
Todd Mills
Tim Moore
Bill Neumann
Rick Newcomb
Charles Osborne
Allan Robin
Tony Scelfo
Jim Stewart
Robert Stowers
Greg Thrower
Don Vincent
Rob Wade
Brandt Waller
Ed Warren
Randolph Willoby
Louis Young

We all need to thank Don Vincent for making the arrangements at the restaurant where we met. I hope we will be able to continue it with one or two events each year in the future. I suppose the most important result of planning the REUNION was the fact that we updated and corrected the contact information for over 250 Eta Tetarton alums…… this will help Jack Hambrick or Wayne McCullough promote future Phi Sig get-togethers. It’s just so hard for me to understand how it is now so easy to communicate by just pushing one button on the computer to be in “instant contact” with all the 250 PSK brothers.

I really think that we now have the impetus to kick off the alumni group in Houston with one or two get togethers each year. Jack has volunteered (with some coaxing from me) to be the first President of our official UH Phi Sig Alumni Club and Wayne will assist to update our Directory for “instant contact” with over 250 brothers. Maybe we can arrange for the next get-together to be sometime in six months around a U.H. football game this fall……..not at the Homecoming Game……but at one of the other home games. I know that many of the brothers who could not attend the recent REUNION really want another chance to participate………especially those who graduated in the 80s and 90s at U.H.

Our national PSK Foundation also benefited from the REUNION…….we actually received $600 cash and $6,900 in checks at the REUNION from over 50 brothers.……for a total of $7,500 gifted to the PSK Foundation. Included were $100 payments from many brothers who did NOT attend the REUNION. All of the payments were sent direct to Marsha at the PSK Foundation in Indy and gift acknowledgements should be sent to each donor for tax deduction purposes within two weeks. The PSK Foundation does appreciate you remembering their worthy cause.

Be sure to click on the “attached” files above for some of the pictures of those attending the REUNION. Names of PSK alums are included in the file descriptions……especially for those you don’t remember or can’t tell who they are based on their present appearance. We have all changed over time……….haven’t we ! !

Keep in touch…………and be sure to let me know if you move, change address, or obtain a new email address. We want to make sure you are receiving our fraternity quarterly publication known as the Signet………so be sure to let me know if you are NOT receiving it now.

Damn Proud to be a Phi Sig………... Dale Lowe 5/15/12